A Doula (pronounced Doo-la) was originated in Greece, and it means woman's servant/ woman's caregiver. Today we prefer the gentler translation of Mothering the Mother.

A Doula is an experienced woman who provides continuous help to other women by supporting the birthing family emotionally and physically through labor, birth and the postpartum period.
There are two kinds of Doulas: Labor/Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas.

Labor/Birth Doulas are trained and experienced birth professionals who provide continuous emotional and physical support for the laboring mother and her partner/ family before, through and just after the birth. Labor Doulas support a mother's choices for childbirth. Doulas provide positive encouragement, assistance with position changes, relaxation and comfort measures, and immediate postpartum support

Postpartum Doulas are knowledgeable, trained and experienced professionals who assist families during the critical period after the birth of their baby for 6-12 weeks. They mother to mother and offer non-judgmental, physical, emotional and informational support to the family as well as practical help. They answer your questions and provide much needed assurance in a gentle non-judgmental way, allowing you to develop your own unique parenting style.

When a woman receives ample postpartum nurturing from a Doula, she has:

  • Better sleep
  • Quicker birth recovery
  • Improved digestion
  • Greater milk supply
  • A positive breastfeeding relationship with her baby
  • Reduced incidence of postpartum blues and depression
  • Less household stress and worry
  • Confidence and peace of mind
  • Higher regard and increased sensitivity towards babies/ more confident with baby
  • More secure and have more confidence in parenting and childcare
  • Increased satisfaction with partner (71% vs. 30%)
  • A greater likelihood to be breastfeeding (52% vs. 29%)

Unlike a baby nurse who is there only for the baby, a Postpartum Doula focuses on the needs of the baby and the mother as well. A Postpartum Doula is there to nurture the mother by offering practical assistance as well emotional support, enabling the mother recover faster and feel more confident in meeting the challenges a new baby brings.

Usually my hours are from 9pm to 6am or from 10pm to 6am; 8-10 hour shifts. I have some flexibility depending on the family's needs and their individual situation. I am available late afternoon if needed.

Though I typically work 3-4 nights per week I tailor my schedule to the specific needs of each individual family and am available to work as many as seven nights per week.

It depends individually on family/clients needs. It is recommended that you reserve a night Doula for a minimum of two weeks and up to 2-3 months, depending on your needs. We can talk about your needs and find out what will be the best choice for your situation.

Even though you will not know exactly when your baby will arrive, the best time to arrange for a Night Postpartum Doula is a few months before your estimated due date. It is contract with a Postpartum Doula to ensure her availability. Some Doulas are able to accommodate last-minute clients.

Overnight assistance can be very beneficial. Having a Night Postpartum Doula, an extra set of hands, will help you relax and get you through a feeding session more smoothly and allow you to go back to sleep. After feeding, The Night Doula/Newborn Specialist will take care of all the babies needs such as burping, changing diapers and soothing the baby.