Vaccine Information

Vaccine and Your Child’s Immune System


To vaccinate? Not to vaccinate? Some, but not all?

Which ones? In what order? At what age?


These questions are not easy to answer, despite the fact that everyone has an opinion! Join Naturopathic Doctor Tara Stoop and Pamela Colby, ND in discussion about the developing immune system of a child and how to go about making decisions in the vaccine debate. Learn about how to support your child’s immune system with or without vaccination, how to immunize responsibly, and when is the optimal time frame to administer vaccines to minimize side effects.


Please join us to discuss these topics and get all your questions answered.

The fee is $15/adult or $25/couple



Monday, April 22nd from 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Acorn Wellness Center

2929 Summit street, Ste 103


CA 94609



RSVP with names of people attending and contact info:

510.452.2929 or


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